Favourite Resources

by Ritwik Saha, April 27, 2019

A subset (recency bias) of things that I have found valuable over the years on the Internet (A never completing list).

Inspirational Video & Articles

You Can Learn Anything, Khan Academy - youtube.com

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address - youtube.com
What You’ll Wish You’d Known, by Paul Graham - paulgraham.com

A Pale Blue Dot, by Carl Sagan - youtube.com

Gods and Worms - youtube.com
Rick and Morty and the Meaning of Life - hackernoon.com

The Egg, A Short Story, from Kurzgesagt - youtube.com
The Beginning & End of Humanity - youtube.com

Why You Can Change The World, But Shouldn’t - youtube.com
The Backwards Law, Why Happiness Is Ruining Your Life - youtube.com

Instructions to a Good Life - youtube.com
Oh Hello, You’re Alive - youtube.com
The Last Thought You’ll Ever Have - youtube.com

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows - youtube.com

The Humans of New York, Instagram - instagram.com

Interesting Resources

Two Minutes to Midnight, Aperture - youtube.com
The Artificial Intelligence That Deleted A Century, by Tom Scott - youtube.com

Jailbreaking the Simulation by George Hotz - youtube.com

Why Boredom is Good For You, by Veritasium - youtube.com
Thinking about Attention, by CGP Grey - youtube.com
How to Get Your Life Back Together, by Improvement Pill - youtube.com

You, Version Two, from Freedom in Thought - youtube.com

History of the Entire World, by Bill Wurtz - youtube.com
Evolution (Mathematics of Evolution), by Justin Helps - youtube.com
Memes & The Evolution of Art, from Pursuit of Wonder - youtube.com

This is the Scariest Graph, by Hank Green - youtube.com

Steve Jobs, Think Different (Best Marketing Strategy) - youtube.com

The Greatest Story Ever Told, Part 1 - youtube.com
The Greatest Story Ever Told, Part 2 - youtube.com

Naval Ravikant’s Archive (thoughts on Startups, Investing and Life) - theangelphilosopher.com and nav.al

An Interview with Sam Altman, on Entrepreneurship (the best I’ve ever watched) - youtube.com

The Bus Ticket Theory of Genius, by Paul Graham - paulgraham.com
Paul Graham’s Essays - paulgraham.com

Artificial Intelligence Podcast, by Lex Fridman - youtube.com

Interesting Resources (Technical)

Building an 8-bit Breadboard Computer by Ben Eater - youtube.com
Neural Network, by 3Blue1Brown - youtube.com

Free Learning Platforms on The Internet

Google Searchbar - google.com
Youtube Searchbar - youtube.com
Wikipedia - wikipedia.org

Khan Academy - khanacademy.org
MIT OpenCourseWare - ocw.mit.edu
Edx - edx.org
Coursera - coursera.org

Free Learning Resources (Business & Startup)

Startup Funding Explained, in 10 minutes - youtube.com

Startup Playbook by Sam Altman - playbook.samaltman.com
How to Start a Startup, Y Combinator at Stanford, 2015 - youtube.com

How to Get Rich (without getting lucky), by Naval Ravikant - youtube.com
How to Get Rich (the tweetstorm), by Naval Ravikant - twitter.com

Free Learning Resources (Computer-Science & Programming)

Computer Science, Self-Study Roadmap - github.com
List of Amazing Computer-Science Research Papers - github.com
Master Command Line, in 1 Page - github.com

Operating Systems, Three Easy Pieces (free book) - pages.cs.wisc.edu

Free Learning Resources (Physics)

So you want to learn physics, by Susan Fowler - susanjfowler.com
The Theoretical Minimum Lectures, by Leonard Susskind - theoreticalminimum.com

Free Learning Resources (Mathematics)

3Blue1Brown, Fall in Love with Math - youtube.com
A List of Free Learning Resources - github.com

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